I'm Anna Sieben, a professional medical illustrator with years of experience in creating visuals for clients across the scientific and medical field and the face behind Sieben Medical Art. I work with educational institutes, healthcare professionals and researchers to help visualize complex medical topics. 
Where science and art meet, I create visuals that convey key scientific messages in a way that is clear, beautiful and scientifically accurate. 
Anna was very kind throughout the whole process and I could always trust on a swift response. I am very proud of the end result. Would you find yourself in need of an illustrator, Anna would definitely be your go-to person.
Rosaly Anne Buiten, Cardiologist in training, MD PhD, Medisch Spectrum Twente

During the process I could always relay on great input, wonderful ideas and quick and kind communication. The result is absolutely amazing and everything I hoped for. It perfectly fits my research and me as a person. I can absolutely recommend working with Anna; anyone in need of a (medical) illustrator should look no further!
Inge Bootsma, PhD candidate Intensive Care at Medisch Centrum Leeuwarden

Collaborating with Anna went very smoothly. At first, we made a few concrete and sound agreements to guide the process, which resulted in a pleasant and efficient collaboration. I also really enjoyed that the design directly reflected my directions and feedback. It was a really good experience!
Yannick van Sleen, Postdoctoral Researcher at  University Medical Center Groningen
Science tells exciting, inspiring and complex stories. My passion is to visualize those stories in a way that is clear, beautiful and scientifically accurate. 
I offer a range of services and skills to create high quality products, tailored to the needs of each project. My services cover multiple subjects and formats, including interactive 3D models, 3D visuals and illustrations. But it doesn't stop there. I can also work with you to create a resource from square one, such as an e-learning module, publication or presentation. 
Interested in working together? Send me your ideas, drafts or request a quote and we can work together to deliver your content in an efficient, beautiful and engaging way.

My first step will be to dive into the subject, making sure I really understand the science behind it. Then, this knowledge will be translated into a visual story; I'll start sketching. I submit initial work for your review (such as initial sketches and storyboards) so that we can nail down the big picture.
Your feedback is incorporated into a more refined artwork, which you are again given the opportunity to review and comment upon, this time with a focus on the details. Depending on the complexity of the project, more revision rounds can be added into the timeline.
Depending on the complexity of the illustration it can take between 3 weeks to 3 months to create. This timeline includes your review times— the review process is included in my schedule. 3D models often take longer to create, between 3 weeks and 5 months. 

My prices are based on your project requirements. Each project is unique and has its own goals. In order for me to provide a quote, I need to understand your project and what you’re looking for. Some of the factors determining the pricing of a project are the complexity of an artwork, the complexity of the subject matter, the license type, the deadline and the number of revision rounds requiredQuotes and proposals can be tailored to available budgets. 
Feel free to get in touch and let's discuss your project!

As the copyright holder of my work, I often don't sell the work, but a license to reproduce the commissioned work, under agreed upon conditions. 
This license may cover a certain type of media (e.g. print only), time period (e.g. for a limited time or in perpetuity), purpose (e.g. commercial or non-commercial), access (e.g. exclusive or non-exclusive use), or geographical area. The license may also include other provisions, for instance regarding future modification of the material. 
Many options are available, and pricing will vary according to the license’s scope and value.
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