Auscultation sites for cardiac ultrasound

How to listen to heart sounds? How does the placement of your stethoscope affect what you'll hear and why? These are questions that medical students in their master of Medicine will need to answer before entering the workplace and actually prepare to do a cardiac examination themselves. How? By means of seminars and an e-learning module on the examination of the heart and measuring blood pressure. The module is still in progress, but a few interactive 3D models are already finished. Below a model showing the heart (including the valves!) sitting in the thorax among some surrounding structures. To enable the examination of the auscultation sites in relation to the location of the valves of the heart a bit more upclose, a version without thorax was added.  ​​​​​​​
The models itself are built based on patient data (from a CT scan), which was anonimyzed and then further edited and developed in Pixologic Zbrush to show the desired amount of detail.
Curious to see more?
Click on the images below to have a look at more interactive 3D models I worked on.
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