The Anatomical Lesson

There is incredible beauty in human anatomy. This portrait of a young woman shows some of the underlying anatomical structures of her head and neck, unveiling what would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. The process of creating this piece is briefly described below.
First, a sketch of the woman herself was made in pencil. Then, using a light tablet, the underlying anatomy would be sketched on a new page of printing paper on top of the initial sketch. Anatomy varies a bit from person to person, so this is a really good exercise in drawing based on what can be seen (landmarks on the surface) and filling in the invisible based on references.
Once the sketches were all made and I was happy with the placing of the structures, I began transferring the sketches to start the final drawing. The final drawing consisted of a layer of watercolour, a layer of watercolour pencil and a few layers of colour pencil. A limited edition print was made of the painting. 
Curious to see more?
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